Caregivers Advocating for Change

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Since becoming a caregiver, you may have discovered you have a passionate dislike for the disease or condition that caused you to become a caregiver. No disease is “liked” but generally they aren’t on our radar until there is a reason for it to be there. I would make a donation to a cause if […]

8,760 Hours – What Will You DO With Them This Year?

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How many times in 2016 did you find yourself saying “I don’t have time” whether it was time to read a book, prepare healthy meals, exercise, or visit with a friend? There are approximately 8,760 hours in a non-leap year. Reading that, it makes me cringe a bit to think that with that number of […]

Come Into My Room and Sit With Me – a poem by Peggy Raulie

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Peggy wrote this poem some years ago when she realized that visitors to loved-ones in various stages of decline did not really know what to talk about with them. Lots of people lose touch with their friends or family when they become ill or infirmed. mostly because they just don’t know what to say. Come […]

Plan Ahead Now for the Next Few Months

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It’s hard to believe it’s already October. Every month will now bring occasions to plan for and celebrate. Frankly, I just about hyperventilate when I read the posts on Facebook about how many Mondays until Christmas! I really don’t want to hear that! What I want to discuss is preparing for the holidays, but not […]

Changing Your Perspective on Caregiving

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Have you ever thought that your life is so much worse than everyone else’s or that other people have all the luck? Maybe you’re more the type who thinks “I can’t” whenever faced with a challenge. You may think that life has dealt you a bad hand, but how you play those cards is up […]

Top Tips for the Working Caregiver: Tips for a Successful Leave of Absence

Tips for the working caregiver

  Working caregivers do a lot of juggling with their employment responsibilities and their caregiving responsibilities – not to mention any other responsibilities such as kids, spouse, school or finances! It all becomes a lot to juggle and can be very stressful.   There are times when a caregiving situation gets so critical that a […]

5 Important Things You Need to Know When Caring for a Parent

Caring for an aging parent

  As your parents age, you may begin to notice changes in their physical or mental capacities. Sometimes these changes are quick when a medical problem occurs. They may occur slowly over the passage of time. If you are geographically distant you may not be aware there are problems until a crisis arises. When you […]

Spring Planning for the Caregiver!

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It’s spring! If it isn’t yet, it will soon be time to open the windows and let in a nice breeze. It’s time to transition your home and your life from winter to spring. It’s time to start planning for the summer months.   Will you be having house guests this summer? Will you be […]

Personlity Traits of a Great In-home Caregiver

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When hiring in a caregiver for a parent or loved one, it’s difficult to know what kind of person to hire. Let’s face it, caregivers from agencies are not well paid and tend to not be well educated either. Agencies do their best to find good employees to carry out their caregiving assignments but we […]

Cut Yourself Some Slack!

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Everyone is busy these days. We work, are parents, spouses, siblings, adult children, friends, pet parents, and volunteers. And then one day, we also become a caregiver.   Like parenting, there is no training for this. We are not raised with the expectation that one day our role will be caregiver for someone with a […]

Caregiving Tips for the First-Time Caregiver

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We asked our Caregivers Connect Facebook group what their best tip for new caregivers would be and we received over 120 answers!  We were not surprised to see that “have patience” was a popular answer and while many offered the advice that “caring for yourself ” is important, some admitted that they don’t always have […]

5 Ways to Use the Vimtag Wireless Security and Surveillance Camera

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In December of last year, I wrote about my first experience with the Vimtag “Nanny Cam”.  Since that time, my mom has left me and moved to an independent living residency in Canada, thus removing my need for the camera.   Or so, I thought. The Vimtag can be used in many other ways, as […]

Taking Care of Yourself

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I recently completed a “Savvy Caregiver” class offer by Alzheimer’s Orange County. I’d heard good things about the six-week class, but I wasn’t sure what I’d think of it. The class was 2 ½ hours once a week for six weeks, so it was a large time commitment. It was probably the most useful class […]

Life Settlements – A Powerful Tool for Caregivers

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  Caring for an aging loved one can be challenging at times. As an adult child and caregiver, some of the difficulties we encounter daily include having less time for other family members and yourself, balancing work and caregiving, and dealing with significant physical and mental stress. With so many emotional and physical challenges that […]

Are You Up For a 30 Day Challenge?

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I like TED Talks. I mean, I really like TED Talks. I “like” them on Facebook so I can locate them later to watch or listen to when I have the time. Knowing this about me, you can imagine my excitement that I am attending a TEDx event at the end of August!   I […]

Don’t Give Up On Healthy Living – It’s Possible at Any Age!

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  The following article was written by my colleague, Dr. Daisy Sutherland. She is a chiropractor and an advocate for a healthy and wholistic lifestyle.  What is amazing about her is her recent transformation. At the age of 50, she was surprised to see herself so out of shape and set out to do something […]

Dealing With Caregiving’s Speed Bumps

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If you’re a caregiver reading this, I’m about to state the obvious. Life isn’t smooth; there are speed bumps that sometimes trip you up. You’re driving through a parking lot and suddenly WHUMP! You come upon a speed bump bigger than you anticipated so you either slam on the brakes or slam over the speed bump, hoping you […]

Why Tide Pods Are Great for Seniors and Caregivers!

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  I am participating in a Vibrant Nation campaign for P&G. I am receiving a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are only my own (and my Mom’s). I am in no way affiliated with P&G (either is Mom 🙂 ) and do not earn a commission or percent of sales. This really […]