The Intentional Caregiver’s Mobile Organizer

mobileorganizerHaving been involved with my father’s care for several years, I saw the need for an all-inclusive medical and caregiving record that I could carry with me to his various appointments or use at home on those occasions when I was able to get a respite caregiver or a family member to stay with him.

The benefits are many.

The Intentional Caregiver’s Mobile Organizer:

  • Keeps all caregiving information handy in one transportable binder
  • Lists important contacts
  • Provides for documentation of medical history
  • Keeps track of receipts and claim forms until they are ready to be filed in a permanent spot
  • Makes better use of physician visits by having all information at hand
  • Keeps track of medications, adverse reactions, or possible allergic reactions
  • Provides for a place to document changes in dementia symptomatology
  • Allows respite care providers to leave notes for you or vice versa
  • Contains a calendar section to keep track of appointments OR mileage and out-of-pocket expenses for tax purposes
  • Is available in 2 formats

A friend of mine told me that she wished this was available when she was a caregiver! One day, her father-in-law was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, his wife at his side. In their haste, neither had thought to bring any of his medical information with them nor did his wife remember what medications he was taking or how often. Once my friend arrived at the hospital, she had to go all the way back to her in-laws’ house and search for all the pill bottles to bring back to the hospital (which was quite a distance). Meanwhile, there was a delay in her father-in-law’s care until his medication history was available.

With the mobile organizer, you can just grab it and GO!

It has everything you’ll need right at your fingertips.

The Intentional Caregiver’s Mobile Organizer in IMMEDIATELY download-able PDF

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“After watching your video entry for the Sponsorship Made Simple contest and
visiting your website, I was compelled to send you this note!

Your Intentional Caregivers Mobile Organizer is an awesome product. Several
years ago, my mother suffered a stroke, and struggling to get through the
day for the next two years was challenging to our family and very difficult
for my dad, the primary caregiver. This product would have been very

Sheila Starke,