Considering a stair lift? Visit a Local Stair Lift Showroom First!


As people age, their muscles tend to weaken and mobility may start to decrease. The home they have grown to know and love may no longer be fully accessible because of the stairs that lead upstairs to a bedroom or downstairs to a laundry room. There are a number of options available for those who […]

Product Review: FreshAlarm-5 Alarm Voice Timer

FreshAlarm-5 Alarm Voice Timer

How can you help someone and yet maintain their independence, and yours? This was a question I faced one day when my husband misunderstood the time and showed up for a class early. The next day he asked me to stay home to make sure he left on time for an appointment, not early or […]

DisputeBills – Save Money With a Service That Finds Errors in Medical Bills

You might save money by using Disputebills

Recently, I was contacted by a representative from Disputebills. Their stated mission is to reduce each of their customer’s healthcare cost per year by 20% or more through their bundled services.  I thought it might be worth a look. Disputebills is a national brand based in Chicago,IL. Today their core service is medical bill reduction, focusing on bill […]

Review of the Pinocchi Hose – Good Tool for Seniors Who Enjoy the Garden

packaged green hose and hose holder

I recently volunteered to review the new Pinocchi Hose and provide my honest opinion about its usefulness. I love gardening and hand-watering plants and flowers but as you know, hoses are always a big hassle! They kink; they get tangled up and rolling them back up when the watering is done is messy and time-consuming. […]

The Best Medical Alert Systems for Caregivers and Their Loved Ones

picture of a medical alert system

Way back in 2011, I wrote an article comparing 12 medical alert systems (or PERS – personal emergency response systems as they are sometimes called).  I did quite a bit of research and it took a long time to write, which is why I haven’t taken the time to publish an update. I was very […]

Could Your Aging Parent’s Poor Hygiene Be the Result of Fear of Bathing?

photo of a walk-in shower

  As our loved ones age and their eyesight, balance and mobility decrease, they may become fearful of falling.  The bathroom, although usually the smallest room in the hourse, is also perhaps the most dangerous room in the house because of the possibility of falls.  According to a study from the Centers for Disease Control […]

Equadose.Split and Equadose.Grind – 2 Great New Products for Medication Management

photo of the blue Equadose split

  I was recently introduced to two new products to help caregivers manage their loved one’s medication intake. Both of these products are the combined brain power of a registered nurse and an engineer. Both are of excellent quality being made out of aerospace-grade aluminum.  Both products were mailed to me so that I could […]

5 Ways to Use the Vimtag Wireless Security and Surveillance Camera

Vimtag camera in the box

In December of last year, I wrote about my first experience with the Vimtag “Nanny Cam”.  Since that time, my mom has left me and moved to an independent living residency in Canada, thus removing my need for the camera.   Or so, I thought. The Vimtag can be used in many other ways, as […]

My First Experience With the Vimtag “Nanny Cam”

Vimtag camera atop red antique cabinet

Although I work from home, my office is downstairs from where my mom hangs out and I can’t always be sure she’s completely safe.  I’m pretty sure I could hear if she took a tumble and fell to the floor, and I do check on her every couple of hours, but I wanted something where […]

Maco Dissolvable Oval Labels – My New Favorite Food Storage Stickers!

a jar of lemon curd with a dissolvable label from Maco

I use a lot of labels for canning, homemade dressings and left-overs. One of the things I hate about using stickers is that they are difficult to remove. Additionally, I’m always reluctant to throw them in the dishwasher even after I’ve got most of the sticker off as they might “gum up the works”. I […]

2 New Pieces of Assistive Equipment for Rising in Style

Elderly Caucasian woman reading book in chair at retirement community center.

    One of the things I’ve noticed most about my mom this past year is her difficulty in rising from chairs, sofas, and the seat of the car.  She is almost 92 after all but still, it’s that decline in ability that makes me sad. Since she will be moving back to Canada in […]

Why Tide Pods Are Great for Seniors and Caregivers!

image of Tide Pods package atop a washing machine

  I am participating in a Vibrant Nation campaign for P&G. I am receiving a fee for posting; however, the opinions expressed in this post are only my own (and my Mom’s). I am in no way affiliated with P&G (either is Mom 🙂 ) and do not earn a commission or percent of sales. This really […]

5 Household Adjustments Needed Prior to Home Care

Senior women in wheelchair holding hands with caretaker

When you are providing in home care, it’s important that you consider how this will impact your caree, you, your family, and especially the home where you will be providing care. Whether you are providing care in your home or in the home of the person receiving care, you will need to make sure that […]

Top 6 Reasons to Utilize a Medical Alert System in Your Home

Are you considering a medical alert system (also known as PERS devices, as in personal emergency response systems) in your home or the home of a loved one? If so, you may be on the fence about whether one is truly necessary.  It’s a fact that a medical alert system may need to be added […]

Five New Medical Innovations to Keep an Eye On in 2015

Young chemist in white uniform working in laboratory

  We live in an age of highly advanced technology, and are presented each day with a new concept, gadget, or technical innovation that is about to rock the world. However, technology isn’t just about having the nicest smartphones or voice activated homes—the medical community has many new innovations to anticipate in 2015. As technology […]

16 Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Stairlift

Photo of a stairlift in place at the bottom of the stairs.

Stairways can be a huge problem for seniors or anyone with limited mobility. They become difficult and dangerous to navigate. Falling down stairs is one of the leading causes of injuries to seniors. Stairs can also limit the ability of a senior to remain in their home or in the home of a loved one […]

Final Resting Vessels – What Are Some Options?

artisurn 1

What are the options for a final resting vessel to hold loved one’s ashes? Deciding on a final resting place or vessel for your loved one is a difficult but necessary decision that everyone faces in their lives. This is a brief guide to help you decide on a final resting vessel to hold your […]

Managing Dining “OOPS Moments” with Style

senior couple eating dinner, wearing tidy top apron

It’s always nice to be able to support a local business especially when that business aligns with your own passion to serve seniors and caregivers. Carla Pennington Kirby is the owner of Tidy Top, a stylish product that solves the problem for those moments when spills can ruin a dining experience. And although this product […]