DisputeBills – Save Money With a Service That Finds Errors in Medical Bills

You might save money by using Disputebills

Recently, I was contacted by a representative from Disputebills. Their stated mission is to reduce each of their customer’s healthcare cost per year by 20% or more through their bundled services.  I thought it might be worth a look. Disputebills is a national brand based in Chicago,IL. Today their core service is medical bill reduction, focusing on bill […]

Life Settlements – A Powerful Tool for Caregivers

picute of an insurance policy

  Caring for an aging loved one can be challenging at times. As an adult child and caregiver, some of the difficulties we encounter daily include having less time for other family members and yourself, balancing work and caregiving, and dealing with significant physical and mental stress. With so many emotional and physical challenges that […]

Mind Your Own Business: The Frustrations of Helping Seniors With Money

a senior woman holding a jar of coins

  One of the last areas that seniors will accept help with is their finances.  This holds true in our household and has caused some frustrations more than just once. I was thinking about this last week after a discouraging day-on-the-town.  Money represents an exchange of energy and I believe that once you are not […]

The Importance of Communicating Your End-of-Life Care Wishes

Girl dressed from the 80's poses like she forgot something

  Every time I visit my physician, I am asked if I have an advanced directive for my end-of-life care (good for them!). I am embarrassed to say that I still don’t have one.  It’s one of those things that is on the master To-Do list, the one that gets looked at when the regular […]

How to Help Prevent Medicare Fraud

Word fraud in letters on background of dollar banknotes

Unfortunately, we live in a world where some people prey on unsuspecting innocents. By providing fraudulent information, many elderly are being taken advantage of by unscrupulous people who would manipulate them out of their money and private information.   As a caregiver protecting a dependent senior, the best course of action is defense. Here is […]

Recognizing Elderly Abuse

smiling male senior citizen

by Christian Wilson   When I was much younger, my father and my uncles were forced to put my grandfather into a nursing home. It wasn’t something that any of them wanted to do, but, due to the nature of my family’s financial circumstances and my grandfather’s medical situation, it was the only option available […]

Could Your Medicare Part D Costs Be Reduced? (infographic)

Infographic describing current beliefs about Medicare Part D

It’s important to sign up for Medicare Part D when you enroll yourself or your loved one in Medicare.  But it’s also important to compare the various Medicare Part D plans so that you can ascertain that: 1. the medications being taken in your home are covered by that plan and 2. whether or not […]

National Disability Insurance Awareness Month and its Impact on Caregivers

Care and Roses by Gareth Williams

National Disability Insurance Awareness Month and its Impact on Caregivers For people with a disability, one of the most important aspects of daily life is the chance to get out of the house. Whether this is achieved using a wheelchair or a suitably adapted vehicle, caregivers often provide the independence, mobility and freedom that is […]

Over 65? Compelling Reasons Why You Need Medicare Part D


When my father came to live with me, I was very impressed with his knowledge or his desire for knowledge about Medicare and its corresponding offerings.  He may have had dementia, but he knew a LOT about medical coverage. Like many seniors, my Dad had approximately 7 medications prescribed daily (less or more depending upon […]

Improving Access To Medicare Dollars

congress white house morgue file

Improving Access To Medicare Dollars Yesterday in both the House and the Senate, a new bill was introduced that may help to address the issue of seniors being able to qualify for Medicare coverage when being admitted under “Observation” status. Currently, a senior must be classified as an “inpatient” for three days (not counting the […]

Term Life Insurance for Senior Citizens


Life Insurance for Senior Citizens  If you are a retiree or blossoming into your 60s or 70s, you may not think that you can still be approved for a term life insurance policy. Though age is a factor in being evaluated for a policy, some insurance providers specialize in products for senior citizens. It could […]

Benefits Available to Vets Exposed to Radiation

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Benefits Available to Radiation Exposed Vets The November issue of AARP Bulletin (which should be in your mailbox soon, if you  or a family member is a subscriber) shares important information on a search conducted by the National Association of Atomic Veterans; they’re looking for the approximately 195,000 vets who were exposed to radiation from atmospheric nuclear tests […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Shopping at the Dollar Stores

shopping cart piggy bank

As caregivers, we all love a good deal, especially in this economy.  Shopping at one of the various dollar stores (The Dollar Store, The Dollar Tree, The 99 Cent Store, etc.) can shave quite a bit off your monthly household and caregiving budget. The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping at these […]

Does Medicare Cover the Cost of Care in an Alzheimer’s Facility

grandmother by click

Question:  My mother is currently in skilled nursing following a recent hospitalization after a fall.  She has Alzheimer’s Disease and I don’t feel that we can care for her at home after her discharge.  Will Medicare cover the cost of her care in an Alzheimer’s care facility? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is NO. Medicare […]

Secret Dollars: Veteran’s Benefits for Long Term Care


Secret Dollars: Veteran’s Benefits for Long Term Care By Brian Willie One of the Veteran’s Administration’s best kept secrets, which is an excellent potential source of funds for long term care (either at home or in an assisted living facility) are veteran’s benefits for a non service connected disability. Most VA benefits and pensions are […]

What You Need to Know About Reverse Home Mortgages

drawing of a house with a roll of cash beside it

Lately, I’ve heard a lot about reverse mortgages and how they can be a Godsend to elderly couples who either don’t have the financial freedom to live a good life after retirement, who want to make modifications so that they can age in place or who have suffered enormous financial strain due to medical bills and […]

Money Saving Tips for Caregivers


Money Saving Tips for Caregivers I have always hated using coupons.  It takes time to clip them, time to organize them and then time to write a grocery list that includes them.  But let’s face it, in this economy and because we are caregivers, we need to use them….for everything. One of the biggest coupon […]

Some Startling Statistics


There are many needs that go unanswered in our world.  There are millions of people who go without food or water; children who go without the love and care of parents (either because of parental neglect or because their parents have died of diseases such as cancer and AIDS);  people who are denied access to healthcare due […]