Why Caregivers Should Wear Pretty Lingerie


Let me ask you another question: would you be horrified if you were involved in an accident and your current state of lingerie affairs was there for the world to see? Well, that needs to change! I know what you’re going to say: ‘I’m not going to waste money on underwear. Why bother? No one […]

Caregiving, Aging and Make-Up Application – Oh My!

Set of decorative cosmetics on light background

I haven’t worn much make-up for a very long time – usually, just mascara, a bit of blush and some lip gloss, because I rarely went anywhere “important”.  But now that I have joined a group of woman, I’m feeling compelled to wear a bit more again. I had heard that as we age, we […]

L’Oreal Excellence Age Perfect Hair Color- An Excellent Time-saver for Caregivers

the contents of the L'Oreal Excellence Age Perfect hair color kit

Now that my Mom is here and I’m still working full-time (thankfully from home), getting to the hairdresser is not as easy.  So when roots just become too obnoxious to bear, I turn to some at-home hair remedies! I have  used L’Oreal hair coloring products often in the past so when I was offered the […]