When Career and Caregiving Collide

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  When MSNBC and NBC News anchor Richard Lui’s 80-year-old father, Stephen, gave his traditional opening prayer at the Lui clan’s annual Christmas dinner in 2013, the blessing was noticeably different from those he’d offered before. The prayer was shorter than usual, lacking his typical ceremonial flair. Stephen, a Presbyterian pastor, read part of the prayer verbatim […]

Top Tips for the Working Caregiver: Tips for a Successful Leave of Absence

Tips for the working caregiver

  Working caregivers do a lot of juggling with their employment responsibilities and their caregiving responsibilities – not to mention any other responsibilities such as kids, spouse, school or finances! It all becomes a lot to juggle and can be very stressful.   There are times when a caregiving situation gets so critical that a […]

Tips for the Working Caregiver: What the Manager Wants

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  As someone who is both a working caregiver and the manager of several employees who are or have been caregivers, my perspective on the challenges facing working caregivers is unique.  I have provided tips on what the employee can do as well as what the employer can do to help navigate the challenges faced […]

Prioritizing for the Working Caregiver

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Caregivers are brilliant problem-solvers.  These are the people running around playing an extreme, real-life version of Whack-a-Mole with problems and situations coming from all directions.  And the caregivers are usually winning! They can prioritize, solve problems (usually in a creative way), stay calm and collected and then be prepared for more.   Working caregivers are […]

Self-Care For The Working Caregiver

a caregiver lying flat with a roll under her neck awaiting a massage

                Caregivers often feel that no matter where they turn their attention, it is not enough. The care recipient (caree) needs attention. The laundry is piled high (although, at least it has made it to the laundry room). The dogs need to be walked. The husband wants a movie night. The kids need help […]

Top Tips for the Working Caregiver: What the Employer Can Do

What The Employer Can Do

In September, The Intentional Caregiver published, “Eight Tips for the Working Caregiver:What the Employee Can Do.”  The suggestions were geared toward employees in order to help them navigate their working caregiver role to the satisfaction of both the employee and their employer.                                 However, the working relationship is not one-sided.  The employee must bring […]

Eight Tips for the Working Caregiver: What the Employee Can Do

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Employers can no longer ignore the fact that many of their employees are working another full or part-time job: caregiving for a friend or loved one.  With more than seven in ten caregivers employed in some capacity, it is highly likely the person in the next cubicle is a caregiver.                   As a legal […]