The Best Medical Alert Systems for Caregivers and Their Loved Ones

picture of a medical alert system

Way back in 2011, I wrote an article comparing 12 medical alert systems (or PERS – personal emergency response systems as they are sometimes called).  I did quite a bit of research and it took a long time to write, which is why I haven’t taken the time to publish an update. I was very […]

My First Experience With the Vimtag “Nanny Cam”

Vimtag camera atop red antique cabinet

Although I work from home, my office is downstairs from where my mom hangs out and I can’t always be sure she’s completely safe.  I’m pretty sure I could hear if she took a tumble and fell to the floor, and I do check on her every couple of hours, but I wanted something where […]

2 New Pieces of Assistive Equipment for Rising in Style

Elderly Caucasian woman reading book in chair at retirement community center.

    One of the things I’ve noticed most about my mom this past year is her difficulty in rising from chairs, sofas, and the seat of the car.  She is almost 92 after all but still, it’s that decline in ability that makes me sad. Since she will be moving back to Canada in […]

5 Household Adjustments Needed Prior to Home Care

Senior women in wheelchair holding hands with caretaker

When you are providing in home care, it’s important that you consider how this will impact your caree, you, your family, and especially the home where you will be providing care. Whether you are providing care in your home or in the home of the person receiving care, you will need to make sure that […]

Top 6 Reasons to Utilize a Medical Alert System in Your Home

Are you considering a medical alert system (also known as PERS devices, as in personal emergency response systems) in your home or the home of a loved one? If so, you may be on the fence about whether one is truly necessary.  It’s a fact that a medical alert system may need to be added […]

16 Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Stairlift

Photo of a stairlift in place at the bottom of the stairs.

Stairways can be a huge problem for seniors or anyone with limited mobility. They become difficult and dangerous to navigate. Falling down stairs is one of the leading causes of injuries to seniors. Stairs can also limit the ability of a senior to remain in their home or in the home of a loved one […]

Is Your Aging Loved-One’s Bathroom a Slippery Situation? (infographic)

Whilst I was doing some research on walk-in bath tubs and walk-in showers, I found this great infographic. While I don’t recommend walk-in bath tubs for many seniors, I do think this information is important to share.

Preparing For the Condition as Well as the Person

elders chatting with staff members

Preparing For The Condition as Well as the Person Being a caregiver is a job like few others. Most medical professionals are trained to treat diseases and injuries whereas caregivers are trained to treat people. No, a caregiver is not likely to cure your disease or perform life-saving surgery but they serve as the essential […]

Caring for a Senior After an Injury

caregiver with senior citizen

Caring for a Senior After an Injury by Jared Pennington Understanding the realities For many seniors, the fear of a fall is a daily concern. In a study conducted by the National Institute of Health, it was determined that by age 70, patients who fall at ground level, or from a standing position, are three times […]

The Emerging PERS Alert Technology Dilemma: Which Company Do You Choose?

Portrait of a happy young woman holding a bag feeling freedom because she has her PERS Response system

The Emerging PERS Alert Technology Dilemma: Which Company do you chose? By: Robert Flippo, President and CEO of MobileHelp   The Emerging Technology Dilemma: Who do you go with? Independence. It’s something that everyone longs for as a teenager, and has difficulty giving up as a senior. Unfortunately as we grow older, it becomes more […]

Older Adults: A Shifting Landscape

Lively Infographic

In 2011, the first baby boomer turned 65. The number of boomers turning 65 increases dramatically every day. Many of these baby boomers are not only caring for aging parents but they are becoming aging parents. And while 65 certainly is not old, at least not to me, there are some folks of that age […]

Medical Alert Systems Aren’t Just For Home-bound Seniors Anymore


Medical Alert Systems Aren’t Just for Home-bound Seniors Anymore When you hear the phrase, “medical alert system,” what comes to mind? If you’re like most people over 40 years old, the first thing you think of is the old Life Alert commercial from the 1980s featuring an almost helpless elderly woman saying, “I’ve fallen and […]

10 Highly Useful Apps For Care Givers

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10 Highly Useful Apps For Care Givers by Zoe Maldonado Caring for an elder takes more than just dedication. A person with the responsibility for caring for an elderly person must be organized and have very effective time management skills. There are appointments to track, medication schedules to follow and research to do. Technology has […]

The Perfect Emergency Device for Safe and Secure Living

ambulance - photo courtesy of morgue file

The Perfect Emergency Device for Safe and Secure Living by Monica Lopez Because my mother will be 90 this year (shhh, don’t tell her that I told you) and because she lives on her own, and not close to me, I have a personal interest in fall alert systems and thus will probably have more […]

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Aging Loved Ones

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5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Aging Loved Ones by Moment Moore Caring for an elderly loved one is both challenging and rewarding. There are some things that you can do to prepare for your transition into the role of caregiver. With just a little planning and preparation, you can make the transition as […]

Simple Touch-Screen Means Easy Technology for the ‘Non-User’

VideoCare User

Simple Touch-Screen Means Easy Technology for the ‘Non-User’ by guest writer: Dina Ramon Technology sure can be a great thing for our elderly parents. Great that is, if they know how or even want to use it. Yes, there may be a significant increase among seniors who use technology like computers, cell phones – ‘smart’ […]

Satety and Independence After Retirement


Safety and Independence After Retirement by Barry Helms When you get older, things start to change. Your vision and your hearing are no longer what they used to be, that sort of thing. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up the things that matter most – things like your independence. You can be […]

When a Parent Comes to Stay

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When A Parent Comes To Stay   It is becoming more and more common for elderly parents to move in with their children. This arrangement can be beneficial for many aging mothers or fathers but if not thought out properly can drastically change the lives of everyone in the household, including the aging loved one. There are several reasons […]