9 Signs That an Aging Parent or Loved One Needs Help

With the holidays quickly approaching, many of us will be visiting parents or aging loved ones or hosting them in your own homes.  If you’ve not seen your loved ones for a period of time,  you may be in for a rude awakening. When my father came to live with me many years ago, I […]

Helping Parents Sail Upwind

A happy senior couple sitting on the deck of a sail boat on a calm blue sea

The following is a guest post by Margit Novack of Moving Solutions In sailing, the technique used to move upwind (or against the wind) is called “tacking.” Although tacking is actually a combination of vector mathematics and boat design, to most of us, it refers to the concept of making forward progress by zigzagging rather […]

Be.Group Launches Great Resource for Seniors and Their Families

Group of senior friends sitting on garden seat laughing

When you’re a geriatric care manager AND a member of the boomer generation, your friends tend to come to you for advice and/or recommendations. Recently I’ve received several questions regarding senior living options. Two of them stand out – one from a friend regarding housing options for her mother and one from a colleague who […]

Are You Struggling With an Aging Parent’s Indecision?

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“We are free to choose our actions, but we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions” ~Steven Covey   It’s been a long time since I’ve really written anything personal, so I begin this post with a bit of trepidation.   As many of you know, I cared for my father in my […]

Older Adults: A Shifting Landscape

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In 2011, the first baby boomer turned 65. The number of boomers turning 65 increases dramatically every day. Many of these baby boomers are not only caring for aging parents but they are becoming aging parents. And while 65 certainly is not old, at least not to me, there are some folks of that age […]

The ExtraCare Charitable Trust – a Different Senior Care Concept

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The ExtraCare Charitable Trust – a Different Senior Care Concept We may be living longer but we’re not always living better. There are many reasons for this: decreased availability of monies for health care and senior care programs, families that are spread out across the country and even the world now, and increasing rates of […]

Simple Touch-Screen Means Easy Technology for the ‘Non-User’

VideoCare User

Simple Touch-Screen Means Easy Technology for the ‘Non-User’ by guest writer: Dina Ramon Technology sure can be a great thing for our elderly parents. Great that is, if they know how or even want to use it. Yes, there may be a significant increase among seniors who use technology like computers, cell phones – ‘smart’ […]

What Should a Caregiver Know About Physical Abuse of an Elder?


What Should a Caregiver Know About Physical Abuse of an Elder? As a caregiver, you may be providing actual physical care to your loved one or you may be supervising home healthcare providers or staff members in a facility. If ANYONE besides you is providing care to your loved one, it is important to examine […]

Gramma Goes Techie: The Best Computers for Use by Seniors

Gramma Goes Techie: the Best Computers for Use by Seniors As our population ages, so does the age of computer users.  Baby boomers and caregivers are one of the fastest growing segments of Facebook and many elders are learning how to use e-mail, games, picture storage and even video conferencing. Seniors want to be connected. But […]

The Dangers of Eating Alone


If you have an aging parent who is living alone or who is perhaps caring for another aging loved one, you may worry that their diet is not nutritionally sound, and with good reason. There are many causes of poor nutritional intake:  recipes are difficult to scale down for only 1 or 2 people decreased […]

Kim Komando on High Tech Tools to Help Care for Aging Parents

When I have a moment I like to listen to Kim Komando, who is known as “America’s Digital Goddess” and speaks on technology. In this segment, she speaks of technology that has to do with caregiving for aging parents and loved ones. It’s a good segment and while it doesn’t cover ALL options, Kim certainly […]

Technology and Caregiving

I’ve just returned from a quick trip to Canada in order to bring my 87 year old Mom back to her home there.  She lives alone in an apartment that has slowly developed into a place where many seniors live, but that doesn’t have the designation (or services) that a senior living apartment complex would have.  […]

If Your Parent Falls, Will Someone Be There to Pick Them Up?

I just attended a webinar on falls presented by Warren Hellelfinger, CEO of Bay Alarm Medical. Yes, it was a sales presentation but I learned some astonishing information and wanted to pass it along to you, as a caregiver or would-be caregiver. First of all, falls happen. They don’t just happen in nursing homes (in […]

What is an Eldercare Mediator (and Do We Need One) ?

Elder care mediation is a relatively new profession and one that will be increasingly needed as more boomers care for their aging parents and also as they become elders themsleves.  In a study reported by Deborah B. Gentry, it was determined that nearly 40% of adult children acting as caregivers had serious conflicts with one or […]

Monitoring Vitamin K Intake During Coumadin Therapy


Again, I am bringing you guest blogger, Gary Liska from  QAS ( Quality Assured Services, Inc.) because his expertise is in Coumadin therapy, INR testing and Vitamin K regulation.  When my father was placed on Coumadin, the physician’s instructions were to “decrease his intake of green leafy vegetables and don’t let him fall”.  That was […]

Tips To Reduce Stress During the Holidays

While the holidays can be stressful in and of themselves, when you add caregiving to the mix, they can become almost unbearable. There are presents to buy, fancier-than-normal meals to prepare, traveling to do, and visitors to entertain. As a caregiver, there are also additional questions to answer from family members who have not been […]

Is HELP on The Way?


I recently learned of a wonderful program that was developed by Dr. Sharon K. Inouye and her colleagues at the Yale University School of Medicine to be used in hospitals worldwide.  The Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) is “a program for hospitals, designed to prevent delirium by keeping hospitalized older people oriented to their surroundings, meeting […]

Thoughts From an Elder on Being Worthless

elder hands

A friend of mine received the following letter from an 80 year old friend of hers.  Because of its message, we thought it was important to share. “Dear Kendra, We are very sad about our granddaughter and her husband. Her name is Jessica.  She was our lst grandchild and we spoiled her the most. Since […]