Adapting to Home After a Disabling Injury

adapting to a home after a disabling injury

  Facing an unexpected injury raises concerns about personal health and wellness. When an injury or medical condition results in a disability, an individual and their loved ones must adjust to the situation. Learning different ways to make adjustments and changes that improve personal quality of life ensures that a disability does not prevent individuals from enjoying their life. […]

5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Home Care Assistance

Nurse Making Notes During Home Visit With Senior Couple

Being a care provider for a loved one is fulfilling work, but more often than not it can also be overwhelming when a higher level of care is needed. Unless you were trained in the medical field, you might very well  find it  confusing and difficult to adhere to doctors’ strict orders for treatments and […]

Five Important Things to Know About In-Home Care for Your Aging Parent

nurse visiting a senior client in her home

Consistent attention to health needs is a main concern with aging relatives. Extra care is needed when 24 hour care is not applicable at the hands of the family. This is where in-home care becomes an option. Professional care is usually the only way to ensure consistent health and attention. Researching and learning about in-home […]

Are Aging Loved Ones Getting Needs Met?

Senior woman with carergiver eating meal

The reason older adults move to a residential care facility or another form of senior housing is to reduce unmet needs and the feelings of isolation that one experiences at home. Another reason for a move is to alleviate another family member’s stress and concern for their safety when living alone. In a recent article […]

Palliative Care Can Help Patients and Caregivers During Any Stage of a Serious Illness

word cloud of palliative care terms

Palliative care provides a wide range of services that help patients and their families manage pain, treatment side effects, disease symptoms and stress. The goal is to help patients gain the emotional and physical strength to carry on with their daily life and better manage their medical treatments.   Palliative care is important for patients […]

Community Care Programs for Seniors in Australia

heart in hands with EKG sign

When I began this blog in 2008, my focus was basically on what was available in the United States and to a lesser extent, Canada.  Now that our readers are international, I wanted to share some of what is available to seniors worldwide.  I have written about some of the option for seniors as they […]

What Should a Caregiver Know About Physical Abuse of an Elder?


What Should a Caregiver Know About Physical Abuse of an Elder? As a caregiver, you may be providing actual physical care to your loved one or you may be supervising home healthcare providers or staff members in a facility. If ANYONE besides you is providing care to your loved one, it is important to examine […]

Time to Talk About Assisted Living?


Most parents don’t wish to be a burden to their children, so when they arrive at a stage in their lives where they may need some additional help, they may be reluctant to share their discovery.  Transitioning to assisted living or to the home of one of their children confirms to them that they are […]

9 Signs That You Need to Fire Your Caregiver

Last week, I was reading a newsletter in which they showed the disturbing video above.  It is from a newscast and shows actual video proof of  a 52 year old home health worker abusing a 91 year old helpless woman with Alzheimer’s Disease.  It’s a disturbing video and of course, it made me sick to my stomach. […]

Sneaky Ways To Make Respite Care Accepted

As a caregiver, you know it’s important to have some time away from your care recipient in order to maintain your own health and sanity.  When family is not available, sometimes it is possible to use a “respite caregiver”….either by paying for one directly, by receiving vouchers through the local Area Agency on Aging or perhaps […]

Finding a Good Doctor For Your Loved One

Finding a good doctor for an elderly loved one can be a challenge. Many rural areas and smaller towns do not have gerontologists available. This means that a family will need to look at the non-specialists available in their area to provide medical care for their loved one. Look for a family practitioner or general […]

You Must Let Go of The Guilt


When I woke up this morning, I was crying.  I had been dreaming about my father (who passed away at the end of September).  I recall that in my dream, he was not alive and was propped in a chair.  I was crying, saying “I’m SO sorry; I didn’t know.” Ironically, I know exactly what I didn’t know […]

The Emotional and Physical Challenges of Incontinence


Yesterday’s newletter featured an article titled “A Wee Bit About Incontinence”. When I mentioned that on Twitter, I received an e-mail regarding a press-release about a study that was done among caregivers on the problem of incontinence.  The results were so interesting that I wanted to share them with you.  Below, I have posted the article […]

What is a Death Doula ?

hearts rose

Having worked as a registered nurse in the nursery/NICU (neonatal ICU)  for many years, I have become familiar with birthing doulas who are non-medical personnel that undergo special training to help Moms through the labour process.  Generally, they are not employed by the hospital but may be found privately or in some birthing centers.  Until today though, I had never heard […]

Aging (and Dying) in Place

Dad on patio

I need to apologize for my lack of frequent blogging over the past month.  Since my father’s passing, I have been struggling about my focus here. I absolutely want to continue to provide caregivers with education and encouragement so that I can empower them to be better caregivers.  And I do realize that there are […]

Join the Eldercare Support Group


My goal is to offer encouragement, empathy, education and effective strategies to enrich your life as a care giver.  You and I are on the same journey and together we can find the joy in caring for our loved one.           Benefits of Membership: Access to every back issue of Taking […]

The Importance of Planning Ahead

It has become a growing trend to try to keep elders in their homes or in the homes of caring loved ones for as long as possible. Medicaid has recently teamed up with 29 states to help residents leave nursing homes and return to a private home by providing many services that will be available […]

Can All Falls Be Prevented ?


I have read many articles about preventing falls in the aging population.  In fact, I even wrote one myself.  Keep the floors clear of clutter; wipe up spills immediately; install hand rails where appropriate; position furniture so that elders can easily navigate through the house, avoid the use of throw rugs.  All of these are wonderful […]