Could Your Aging Parent’s Poor Hygiene Be the Result of Fear of Bathing?

photo of a walk-in shower

  As our loved ones age and their eyesight, balance and mobility decrease, they may become fearful of falling.  The bathroom, although usually the smallest room in the hourse, is also perhaps the most dangerous room in the house because of the possibility of falls.  According to a study from the Centers for Disease Control […]

Equadose.Split and Equadose.Grind – 2 Great New Products for Medication Management

photo of the blue Equadose split

  I was recently introduced to two new products to help caregivers manage their loved one’s medication intake. Both of these products are the combined brain power of a registered nurse and an engineer. Both are of excellent quality being made out of aerospace-grade aluminum.  Both products were mailed to me so that I could […]

Have You Lost That Lovin’ Feeling?

Drawing of hearts with a caption Have You Lost That Loving Feeling?

It’s February which means it’s a time when thoughts turn to love and Valentine’s Day. According to the ads, you are thinking of your special someone and deciding what (expensive) item you’ll surprise them with on February 14th. And maybe those ads have got you dreaming of what your Valentine will give you. Maybe you’ve […]


People waiting in a waiting area

Waiting. So much of caregiving is waiting…waiting for test results, or getting an appointment with the right specialist. Waiting to see whether or not treatments have worked and what the next trial may bring. Then there’s the time spent in waiting rooms, whether at the doctor’s office or the imaging centers or the pharmacy; it’s […]

A Yummy Holiday Recipe For You

Chocolate cake.

This is not something I would normally put here on my blog but a friend of mine who reconnected with me on Facebook and who was also at my wedding asked if I would share the recipe so she could bring it to a holiday party.  Another friend replied that she’d like to have  it […]

4 Ways Music Can Improve Dementia Care

Senior adult learning to play the piano

Symptoms and behaviors associated with dementia can be difficult to adjust to for any family caregiver. Forgetfulness and repetitive discussion might be irritating, sudden aggressive behavior is hard to tackle and wandering and depression require additional safety and attention. Although a cure has not yet been discovered for dementia, studies have shown that particular methods […]

Is Your Aging Loved-One’s Bathroom a Slippery Situation? (infographic)

Whilst I was doing some research on walk-in bath tubs and walk-in showers, I found this great infographic. While I don’t recommend walk-in bath tubs for many seniors, I do think this information is important to share.

Taking Care of Parents

As we age it is the unfortunate truth that our parents are aging as well. Helping to take care of parents in one way or another has become the norm for many families. Whether the decision has been made that your parents will stay in the comfort of their own home with assistance from you, […]

Community Care Programs for Seniors in Australia

heart in hands with EKG sign

When I began this blog in 2008, my focus was basically on what was available in the United States and to a lesser extent, Canada.  Now that our readers are international, I wanted to share some of what is available to seniors worldwide.  I have written about some of the option for seniors as they […]

Home Remedies for Bed Sores

nurse walking with patient who has crutches

Home Remedies for Bed Sores In this modern era, staying healthy and independent with limited mobility has never been simpler. Wheelchairs, rollators, canes, and bed rails are just a few of the many devices designed to help people who are unable to stand or walk without assistance. However, when such mobility aids become a way […]

10 Highly Useful Apps For Care Givers

photo courtesy of morguefile

10 Highly Useful Apps For Care Givers by Zoe Maldonado Caring for an elder takes more than just dedication. A person with the responsibility for caring for an elderly person must be organized and have very effective time management skills. There are appointments to track, medication schedules to follow and research to do. Technology has […]

Drive Safely: Auto Modifications & Tips for Seniors and Caregivers

ford mustand by alvimann at morgue file

Drive Safely: Auto Modifications & Tips for Seniors and Caregivers By Michelle Seitzer for Let’s get one thing straight: older drivers are safer drivers.  They clock fewer miles, wear seat belts regularly, stay home in bad weather conditions, and avoid rush hour like the accident-prone plague it is. They’re not often charged with speeding, […]

Tips and Tricks for Choosing Good In-Home Health Care


When caring for your aging parent or loved one becomes overwhelming and you need a break, or when extra help is needed with bathing, feeding, dressing, household duties or if caring for them yourself is just not possible anymore, selecting an in-home health care provider is a good alternative.    Proper screening is essential to ensure that the […]

Working With Healthcare Providers: How to Empower Yourself and Your Loved One


Having been a nurse for….well, let’s just say many years (PHEW), I know that it’s important to teach several important things about medication management that help a caregiver to administer a medication to their loved one safely and properly.  Some of these things include: Taking the medication in the right dose Taking the medication at the right […]

In Praise of the Keurig Coffee Brewing System for Seniors

Coffee and Newspaper

About a year ago, I wrote an article here about my new Keurig Brewing System and how I had lots of trials and tribulations with it.  I finally went back to my old Grind and Brew so that I could make the kind and strength of coffee that I wanted. But last week, as I […]

Saving Time by Shopping On-line

grocery list

Shelley tells us March 14th was officially International Ask a Question Day, so with that in mind I wanted to ask the question… are you using your time as well as you could? Do you have the days when you pull into the driveway and think – “oh darn, I forgot mom’s prescriptions.  I also […]

Is There a Difference Between Elder and Elderly?


As we come into the holiday season, many of us reflect back on the “old days” – and sometimes they seem more poignant now than when they were happening! One question that has always haunted me is what is the difference between being an elder and being elderly? Is it like the difference between a […]

9 Signs That You Need to Fire Your Caregiver

Last week, I was reading a newsletter in which they showed the disturbing video above.  It is from a newscast and shows actual video proof of  a 52 year old home health worker abusing a 91 year old helpless woman with Alzheimer’s Disease.  It’s a disturbing video and of course, it made me sick to my stomach. […]