Inconsiderate Ways

tourist tent camping in mountains by a lake during daylight

  During the summer before I started ninth grade, my father, sister, and I went camping in Montreal and Prince Edward Island. My two oldest sisters no longer lived at home. Although my father and I camped a lot when I was younger, by the time I was fourteen, my mother’s multiple sclerosis (MS) had […]

Do You Need a Geriatric Care Manager?

Closeup of elderly woman with female geriatric care manager

As I travel around the country doing presentations on caregiving-related topics common themes that arise are people not knowing how to assess what their aging loved ones need and where to find the right services. There are an estimated 43 million people in the U.S. currently helping at least one of their parents according to […]

Nursing Home Shame

young caregiver helping elderly woman on wheelchair

  Living at home, my mother’s multiple sclerosis (MS) and dependency on her family, made her miserable. Her family was tired of waiting on her, and she knew it. When my mother informed me that she planned to divorce my father and move to a nursing home, I felt my stomach drop to my ankles. […]

What Does It Really Means to be a Caregiver?

young woman with arms around shoulders of a senior

November has been deemed the month we openly celebrate National Family Caregivers according to the Caregiver Action Network. This annual celebration of those that assume this role begin 1994. The theme chosen this year by the Caregiver Action Network is “Caregiving Around the Clock.” Former President Barack Obama spoke of the role of caregivers. He […]

Pressured to Believe

hands reaching to sky

After my mother’s multiple sclerosis (MS) crippled her to the point of dependency on a wheelchair, one of the things she desired was supernatural healing. My father shared his plight with a few of his customers (he owned a retail business) and came upon one with advice. She told him about Kathryn Kuhlman, a spiritual […]

3 Types of Patient Lifts Designed to Assist Caregivers in the Home

portrait of a wise elder man

  Mobility is a key component in the recovery and rehabilitation of a loved one. Physical disabilities or impairments make it more challenging, not only for the person but also for caregivers. Fortunately, various kinds of patient lifts are available to provide function and assistance with standing and in performing everyday tasks. Use the guide […]

How Humor Can Help Us as Caregivers

cartoon image of 6 laughing faces

We usually don’t use the words humor and caregiving in the same sentence. One could easily argue that caregiving is not very funny. However, humor can be a secret and wonderful coping mechanism to rely on at times when laughter does not seem like an option. I was my father’s caregiver and I became concerned […]

When Career and Caregiving Collide

rear view of an asian businessman.

  When MSNBC and NBC News anchor Richard Lui’s 80-year-old father, Stephen, gave his traditional opening prayer at the Lui clan’s annual Christmas dinner in 2013, the blessing was noticeably different from those he’d offered before. The prayer was shorter than usual, lacking his typical ceremonial flair. Stephen, a Presbyterian pastor, read part of the prayer verbatim […]

5 Ways to Reframe the Way You See Your Caregiving Role

Seniors woman with her caregiver at home

Caregiving is difficult but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a burden if you don’t let it.  We have caregivers with multiple ways of looking at their experience in our private Facebook support group. This post from Sixty and Me by Anthony Cirillo, shares 5 tips for reframing your caregiving experience into an opportunity rather […]

When a Parent Wants to Die

Young woman having autumn depression and

After a day of classes at a nearby college, I rode the city bus home to where I lived with my parents. I turned the key in the lock and walked through the front door, clutching my books. Mom’s authoritative voice rang from the living room, “Will you bring me a razor blade?” She reclined […]

Tips for Calming Anger in Those who Suffer from Dementia

holding hands

Caregiver’s guide: How to control and calm down dementia patients when they are angry. By guest blogger, Erica Silva Most of us think that the only sign of dementia is when an aged individual finds it hard to remember information. However, the behavioral changes associated with the disease are vast and not limited to forgetfulness […]

De-stress and Release Tension With This Quick 10-Minute Workout

Girl doing a Yoga pose on a mat

Feeling the stress of caregiving?  We understand that!  Here’s a quick 10-minute destress and stretch workout from Women’s Health that will revive your spirit and relax tense muscles. The Workout Slowly and gently move into each of the yoga poses below. Once you’ve settled into each full pose, focus on deep breathing from your belly. Allow […]

8 Ways to Find Respite Care and Get a Break From Caregiving

person resting in a beach chair by the shore

If you are a caregiver, you know that you absolutely need a break from time-to-time in order to keep your sanity.  This post from provides 8 ways to get occasional or regular backup help for a few hours, a few days, or longer.  I used several of these options myself while caring for my […]

Coping With Respite Care Guilt

Woman lying in a hammock in a garden and enjoying a book reading

Respite care is a useful resource that can bring a much-needed break to a caregiver. Unfortunately, it can also be accompanied by guilt. By guest blogger, Lee Elliott   It’s completely normal for caregivers to experience the need for a periodic break from their duties. It’s also not uncommon for caregivers to face a feeling […]

11 Ways to Help People Who Have Dementia but Don’t Realize it

Young carer walking with the elderly woman in the park

Being a caregiver for someone who has a memory deficit can be extremely challenging. It becomes even more difficult when that person is unaware of their dementia or any other limitations associated with it. Dementia can directly impact a person’s ability to follow directions, can compromise their safety,  impedes problem-solving and abstract reasoning. It can […]

What is CBD Oil and Can it Help My Loved One or Me?

3 bottles of CBD oil

Recently, there have been many questions in our caregivers support group on Facebook about using CBD oil to help with a loved one’s anxiety, insomnia, and different types of pain.  Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming increasingly popular because it has shown some positive effects in reducing seizures in children with brain tumors or certain syndromes. It has […]

Important Tips When Caring for a Spouse or Partner

Affectionate senior husband giving his disabled wife a kiss on the cheek. Isolated on white.

The relationship between every couple is unique.  There are moments when you rely on each other for comfort and support. Responsibilities are shared and your daily routine becomes carved out and the norm. When a catastrophic illness occurs these boundaries and norms are upended and these norms no longer apply.  A 2015 report released by […]

Lost Control

Young girl in kitchen doing homework with woman in background

When I was little, my mother would make excuses for the A’s on my report card as though I hadn’t earned them. I explained to a friend not long ago that because of this, after third grade I stopped showing the grade report to my mother. Being a mother herself, this appalled my friend. “Didn’t […]