Product Review: FreshAlarm-5 Alarm Voice Timer

FreshAlarm-5 Alarm Voice Timer

How can you help someone and yet maintain their independence, and yours? This was a question I faced one day when my husband misunderstood the time and showed up for a class early. The next day he asked me to stay home to make sure he left on time for an appointment, not early or […]

6 Things to Avoid When Caring for a Person with Dementia

Caring for a Person with Dementia

As we age, various health related issues begin to surface. Diseases related to memory loss are becoming increasingly more common and often develop in older adults. Dementia is a common chronic disease that strikes the older population mostly but is not limited to them. It can sometimes also develop in young people – in rare cases, […]

The Hidden Gifts of Caregiving

bright gifts with bows isolated on white

People think a lot about gifts in December. There are thoughts about what to give and thoughts about the gifts we receive. But what about those gifts that aren’t wrapped and come from an unlikely source? Some gifts are actually hard to find because they are so well hidden. Caregiving presents us with hidden gifts, […]

We Will Miss You, Robin Williams

photo of Robin Williams at the Los Angeles premiere of "License To Wed".

Millions of people worldwide were shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of actor and comedian, Robin Williams this past week. It was even more heartbreaking to many to  learn the cause of his death. How could someone so seemingly full of life be filled with enough sorrow to cause him to end his […]

Signs of Cognitive Decline

Senior man shopping for groceries looking forgetful

What baby boomer doesn’t consider Alzheimer’s when we begin to forget more than usual? Because we know that cognitive decline is one of the very first indicators of the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is a slight, but noticeable decline in a person’s memory or thinking patterns. Anyone who has […]

5 Essential Skills For A Caregiver of a Loved One With Dementia

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5 Essential Skills For a Caregiver of a Loved One With Dementia   It can be a substantial challenge for both novice and experienced caregivers when it comes to providing specialist dementia care. Whether hiring a professional or cultivating the personal skills to care for a loved one, there remain five essential skills that help […]

4 Ways Music Can Improve Dementia Care

Senior adult learning to play the piano

Symptoms and behaviors associated with dementia can be difficult to adjust to for any family caregiver. Forgetfulness and repetitive discussion might be irritating, sudden aggressive behavior is hard to tackle and wandering and depression require additional safety and attention. Although a cure has not yet been discovered for dementia, studies have shown that particular methods […]