Coping With Agitation and Aggression as a Caregiver

elderly lady with a rolling pin clenched in her fist

One of the most challenging aspects of caregiving is managing agitation or aggression from the person you are taking care of. These are two distinctly different behaviors. Agitation stems from anxiety, fear, or confusion. It is a restless state where it is difficult to calm down. Aggression refers to behaviors that include unrestrained physical or […]

3 Ways to Help Seniors Live a Happier Life

a smiling senior woman on dark background

You’ve probably watched more than a fair share of TV shows or movies with the grumpy old senior acting as comedy relief. In real life, however, a sour senior isn’t so funny. If you have an aging parent or grandparent that is longing for the good old days, lonely or frustrated with their inability to perform […]

Caregivers Advocating for Change

A sign that says "reserved for top teams"

Since becoming a caregiver, you may have discovered you have a passionate dislike for the disease or condition that caused you to become a caregiver. No disease is “liked” but generally they aren’t on our radar until there is a reason for it to be there. I would make a donation to a cause if […]

Plan Ahead Now for the Next Few Months

Happy multi-generational family gathering during holidays at the table

It’s hard to believe it’s already October. Every month will now bring occasions to plan for and celebrate. Frankly, I just about hyperventilate when I read the posts on Facebook about how many Mondays until Christmas! I really don’t want to hear that! What I want to discuss is preparing for the holidays, but not […]

Growing Friendships is Still Important When Caregiving

Portrait of two female friends in casual sportswear outdoors.

  Once we get out of school, it becomes much harder to make friends. We’re so busy with work, family, caregiving, volunteering, and many other activities. Taking the time to get to know someone seems impossible. Then you meet someone who with whom you have things in common. You think, “This might be a nice […]

Mid-Year Review

Hotdogs with Mustard, cole slaw and corn on a cob at a 4th of July BBQ picnic.

  We have reached the middle of 2016! It is amazing how fast the year is moving.   Did you set goals for the year? Now is a good time to assess them. Have you made progress towards your goals? Do you feel they are still reasonable? Take a each of your goals and decide […]

Review of the Pinocchi Hose – Good Tool for Seniors Who Enjoy the Garden

packaged green hose and hose holder

I recently volunteered to review the new Pinocchi Hose and provide my honest opinion about its usefulness. I love gardening and hand-watering plants and flowers but as you know, hoses are always a big hassle! They kink; they get tangled up and rolling them back up when the watering is done is messy and time-consuming. […]

Could Your Aging Parent’s Poor Hygiene Be the Result of Fear of Bathing?

photo of a walk-in shower

  As our loved ones age and their eyesight, balance and mobility decrease, they may become fearful of falling.  The bathroom, although usually the smallest room in the hourse, is also perhaps the most dangerous room in the house because of the possibility of falls.  According to a study from the Centers for Disease Control […]

Fresh Perspectives from Aging Faces: A Positive Aging Video

I wanted to share this new inspirational video on aging created by Bay Alarm Medical. I am pleased to say that I was asked for and offered input on this beautiful video. There are so many pieces of wisdom in it. Enjoy!

Feeling Stuck? Draw a Line!

person drawing a line with a red pencil

While I was in my 20’s and in my second job out of college, I worked for a boss who became a mentor. He was strict yet kind and happily taught his employees, helping them grow both professionally and personally. Bob’s sudden death at 59 was a shock. His memorial service was attended by many friends, almost all of […]

Summer – A Time to Set Goals?

Summer: A Time To Set Goals?

​ If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, it is now officially summer! Throughout our school years, summer is different from all the other seasons of the year because kids are out of school. Even if you attend school year-round, you’re off for part of the summer. It’s the one time of year with a […]

Brain Health: Reaping the Reward of Puzzles, Crosswords and Sudoku

2 hands holding white puzzle pieces

Lately there has been a lot of talk in the press and scientific community about how moderate brain exercise can sharpen your cognitive thinking, helping your fight against memory loss, depression and even Alzheimer’s and other dementia types. Today we will discuss how and why tailored brain activities can reap large benefits. Consider this: the […]

8 Ways Physical Therapy Can Benefit Seniors’ Health

Male Physical therapist helping a patient.

Physical therapists are professionals within the health care field, who specifically tend to medical issues that limit someone’s movements and physical abilities in daily life. Historically seen as something of a separate health care field, more and more, physical therapy is being viewed as integral to the treatment and restoration of anyone who has been […]

20th Century Milestones of American Women (infographic)

infographic on 20th century Milestones for Women

March is National Women’s History Month and while I feel we have come a long way, there are many obstacles still remaining.  Just last night, as my mom and I were watching the news, we learned that male nurses still make more than female nurses.  Nursing is a profession where the skillset and expertise are […]

Are Aging Loved Ones Getting Needs Met?

Senior woman with carergiver eating meal

The reason older adults move to a residential care facility or another form of senior housing is to reduce unmet needs and the feelings of isolation that one experiences at home. Another reason for a move is to alleviate another family member’s stress and concern for their safety when living alone. In a recent article […]

The Holidays Are Here! Don’t Panic, Just Pause!

Abstract image of a celebratory table.

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! This cannot be news to you since one store has been running Christmas shopping ads since before Halloween, and in several stores, Christmas decorations and wrapping paper shared the shelf with Halloween costumes and candy since mid-October.   Despite the advertising and store displays, once the calendar […]

Gift Ideas for Grandparents

heart shape covered with bird seed hanging on a tree limb

When it comes to gift ideas, Grandparents are notoriously difficult to cater for. Whether it’s Grandma’s birthday or Granddad at Christmas, it’s common to get stuck wracking your brain to come up with the perfect present. You will want a gift that they will enjoy, which is thoughtful and something they haven’t already accumulated in […]

The Traveling Caregiver

Gincy, her husband and son on vaction

This summer my family and I took a vacation. We were celebrating our son’s high school graduation and my husband’s birthday. My husband has Mild Cognitive Impairment. Traveling has definitely changed since the days when his health was good and it changes from year to year.   A vacation is considered a time for relaxation […]