What’s Your Story?

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Everyone’s life is a story to be shared. You may not think you have anything interesting to say about your life, but I guarantee it is interesting to someone. Maybe you think it would be egotistical to write about your life, but it isn’t; it’s historical. The realization that we need to write something down […]

Gearing Up For Winter Care in the Colder Climates

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The community of caregivers is as strong-willed as any you’ll find. By lending a piece of their livelihood to improve someone else’s, caregivers are truly a special breed. Still, with all the empowerment and positive feelings attributable to caregivers, not every day can be sunshine and rainbows. And with winter approaching, it’s every caregiver’s responsibility […]

The ExtraCare Charitable Trust – a Different Senior Care Concept

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The ExtraCare Charitable Trust – a Different Senior Care Concept We may be living longer but we’re not always living better. There are many reasons for this: decreased availability of monies for health care and senior care programs, families that are spread out across the country and even the world now, and increasing rates of […]

Sweepstakes Fun From AARP!

AARP HealthSweeps

I wanted to bring something a little fun to the table today and I was fortunate to be able to offer this new sweepstakes from AARP on the blog.  It’s not only a sweepstakes but a chance to learn about brain health (something with which those of us who have ever been a caregiver to […]

Our Beloved Pets – February


Happy Valentine’s Day! I received a lovely note from one of our readers this morning in response to this week’s newsletter.  In the newsletter, I had mentioned that  some people (myself included this year) find Valentine’s Day difficult due to either not having a sweetheart, being overwhelmed by caregiving duties or in some cases, financial […]

A Call for Resources

We are redoing our resource page and realize that we have a multitude of great resources that we may be missing.   If you provide a service or resource to caregivers, seniors or to those who wish to lead a healthier lifestyle, please leave a comment below with your name or company name, website address and brief description […]

10 Springtime Activities for Seniors

    Spring is a time of awakening and rejuvenation.  Watching the earth renew itself and bring forth flowers and greenery gives us hope.  It also gives us a reason to get outside!   Our elder loved ones need the chance to experience the joy that spring brings too. I was watching a video and one […]

HBO Alzheimer’s Project

The Memory Loss Tapes Grampa, Do You Know Who I Am….with Maria Shriver Momentum in Science – Part 1 Momentum in Science – Part 2 Caregivers

What You Need to Know About Reverse Home Mortgages

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Lately, I’ve heard a lot about reverse mortgages and how they can be a Godsend to elderly couples who either don’t have the financial freedom to live a good life after retirement, who want to make modifications so that they can age in place or who have suffered enormous financial strain due to medical bills and […]

10 Tips to Help Make Your Home Healthier


     In their new book “The Healthy Home: Simple Truths to Protect Your Family From Hidden Household Dangers”, authors Dr. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz share how modern living has helped to contribute to hidden household dangers.  Here are just 10 tips from their book that you may want to adopt as part of […]