Caregivers Advocating for Change

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Since becoming a caregiver, you may have discovered you have a passionate dislike for the disease or condition that caused you to become a caregiver. No disease is “liked” but generally they aren’t on our radar until there is a reason for it to be there. I would make a donation to a cause if […]

8,760 Hours – What Will You DO With Them This Year?

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How many times in 2016 did you find yourself saying “I don’t have time” whether it was time to read a book, prepare healthy meals, exercise, or visit with a friend? There are approximately 8,760 hours in a non-leap year. Reading that, it makes me cringe a bit to think that with that number of […]

Product Review: FreshAlarm-5 Alarm Voice Timer

FreshAlarm-5 Alarm Voice Timer

How can you help someone and yet maintain their independence, and yours? This was a question I faced one day when my husband misunderstood the time and showed up for a class early. The next day he asked me to stay home to make sure he left on time for an appointment, not early or […]

Taking Care of You Too!

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Happy National Family Caregivers Month! The theme for the month this year is “Take Care to Give Care.” Part of taking care of yourself involves feeling good about yourself and your appearance. This can be hard! As caregivers, we may not get out to social gatherings and fun events constantly, but we do go out […]

Plan Ahead Now for the Next Few Months

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It’s hard to believe it’s already October. Every month will now bring occasions to plan for and celebrate. Frankly, I just about hyperventilate when I read the posts on Facebook about how many Mondays until Christmas! I really don’t want to hear that! What I want to discuss is preparing for the holidays, but not […]

Changing Your Perspective on Caregiving

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Have you ever thought that your life is so much worse than everyone else’s or that other people have all the luck? Maybe you’re more the type who thinks “I can’t” whenever faced with a challenge. You may think that life has dealt you a bad hand, but how you play those cards is up […]

I’m a Caregiver, Not a Medical Professional

I'm a Caregiver, Not a Medical Professional

Does your husband have memory problems? Is your husband depressed? Does your husband have sleep apnea? These are some of the questions I’ve been asked repeatedly for the last seven years. In each case, my answer was, “No.” I’m not a medical professional.  If you  aren’t either, you may have found yourself having some of […]

Growing Friendships is Still Important When Caregiving

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  Once we get out of school, it becomes much harder to make friends. We’re so busy with work, family, caregiving, volunteering, and many other activities. Taking the time to get to know someone seems impossible. Then you meet someone who with whom you have things in common. You think, “This might be a nice […]

Mid-Year Review

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  We have reached the middle of 2016! It is amazing how fast the year is moving.   Did you set goals for the year? Now is a good time to assess them. Have you made progress towards your goals? Do you feel they are still reasonable? Take a each of your goals and decide […]

Spring Planning for the Caregiver!

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It’s spring! If it isn’t yet, it will soon be time to open the windows and let in a nice breeze. It’s time to transition your home and your life from winter to spring. It’s time to start planning for the summer months.   Will you be having house guests this summer? Will you be […]

Cut Yourself Some Slack!

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Everyone is busy these days. We work, are parents, spouses, siblings, adult children, friends, pet parents, and volunteers. And then one day, we also become a caregiver.   Like parenting, there is no training for this. We are not raised with the expectation that one day our role will be caregiver for someone with a […]

Is a Caregiver Support Group Right for You?

Is a caregiver support group right for you?

I attend a support group for caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. It is offered through Alzheimer’s Orange County. I think it is the fourth support group I have attended.   Another Alzheimer’s caregiver recently said to me, “I don’t need a support group. I’ve already learned everything.” I didn’t bother to continue […]

Reach Out to Someone Else

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When someone is in a difficult spot in life, sometimes what they need most is the hardest thing to give them – yourself. When you hear that someone has just lost a family member it can be very hard to make a phone call and talk to the person. We make all kinds of excuses, […]

Taking Care of Yourself

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I recently completed a “Savvy Caregiver” class offer by Alzheimer’s Orange County. I’d heard good things about the six-week class, but I wasn’t sure what I’d think of it. The class was 2 ½ hours once a week for six weeks, so it was a large time commitment. It was probably the most useful class […]

Spreading Joy

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If you watch or listen to the news these days, there are a lot of unsettling stories. The news is scary! We can’t control the world, but we can control our part in it, and set an example for others while doing it. No matter the time of year, it is possible to spread joy. […]

Feeling Stuck? Draw a Line!

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While I was in my 20’s and in my second job out of college, I worked for a boss who became a mentor. He was strict yet kind and happily taught his employees, helping them grow both professionally and personally. Bob’s sudden death at 59 was a shock. His memorial service was attended by many friends, almost all of […]

Are You Up For a 30 Day Challenge?

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I like TED Talks. I mean, I really like TED Talks. I “like” them on Facebook so I can locate them later to watch or listen to when I have the time. Knowing this about me, you can imagine my excitement that I am attending a TEDx event at the end of August!   I […]

Dealing With Caregiving’s Speed Bumps

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If you’re a caregiver reading this, I’m about to state the obvious. Life isn’t smooth; there are speed bumps that sometimes trip you up. You’re driving through a parking lot and suddenly WHUMP! You come upon a speed bump bigger than you anticipated so you either slam on the brakes or slam over the speed bump, hoping you […]