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infographic on 20th century Milestones for Women

20th Century Milestones of American Women (infographic)

March is National Women's History Month and while I feel we have come a long way, there are many obstacles still remaining.  Just last night, as my mom and I were watching the news, we learned that male nurses still make more than female nurses.  Nursing is a profession where the skillset and expertise are very consistent so there should be no reason for this.  The infographic below, which Holiday Retirement kindly gave permission to repost, shows that as of 2013, women were still paid only 78% … [Read More...]

Caring for the Caregiver

2 seniors exercising on the grass near palm trees

Quick! Stand Up!

You aren’t reading this sitting down, are you? Oh my gosh! You are! Quick! … [Read More...]

Sex after Menopause: VN Live Event

One of the things we stress here at Intentional Caregiver is care for the … [Read More...]

the contents of the L'Oreal Excellence Age Perfect hair color kit

L’Oreal Excellence Age Perfect Hair Color- An Excellent Time-saver for Caregivers

Now that my Mom is here and I’m still working full-time (thankfully from … [Read More...]

Drawing of hearts with a caption Have You Lost That Loving Feeling?

Have You Lost That Lovin’ Feeling?

It’s February which means it’s a time when thoughts turn to love and … [Read More...]

bright gifts with bows isolated on white

The Hidden Gifts of Caregiving

People think a lot about gifts in December. There are thoughts about what … [Read More...]

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Caregiving Issues

nurse visiting a senior client in her home

Five Important Things to Know About In-Home Care for Your Aging Parent

Consistent attention to health needs is a main concern with aging … [Read More...]

happy woman playing mah-jong with friendshappy woman playing mah-jong with friends

Bridging the Gap: How to Help Your Aging Parents Who Aren’t Ready for a Nursing Home Yet

  The first of the baby boomers reached retirement age in 2011 and … [Read More...]

Top 6 Reasons to Utilize a Medical Alert System in Your Home

Are you considering a medical alert system (also known as PERS devices, as … [Read More...]

senior woman with her caregiver who is combing her hair

Staying Happy as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver

When you’re caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease, the most important … [Read More...]

nurse helping a senior rise up from a chair

Hospital Acquired Infections – Risks and Prevention

Having worked in the hospital for many years, I'm aware of the potential … [Read More...]

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Money & Legal Issues

Word fraud in letters on background of dollar banknotes

How to Help Prevent Medicare Fraud

Unfortunately, we live in a world where some people prey on unsuspecting innocents. By providing fraudulent information, many elderly are being taken advantage of by unscrupulous people who would … [Read More...]

smiling male senior citizen

Recognizing Elderly Abuse

by Christian Wilson   When I was much younger, my father and my uncles were forced to put my grandfather into a nursing home. It wasn’t something that any of them wanted to do, but, due to … [Read More...]

Infographic describing current beliefs about Medicare Part D

Could Your Medicare Part D Costs Be Reduced? (infographic)

It's important to sign up for Medicare Part D when you enroll yourself or your loved one in Medicare.  But it's also important to compare the various Medicare Part D plans so that you can ascertain … [Read More...]

Care and Roses by Gareth Williams

National Disability Insurance Awareness Month and its Impact on Caregivers

National Disability Insurance Awareness Month and its Impact on Caregivers For people with a disability, one of the most important aspects of daily life is the chance to get out of the house. … [Read More...]


Over 65? Compelling Reasons Why You Need Medicare Part D

When my father came to live with me, I was very impressed with his knowledge or his desire for knowledge about Medicare and its corresponding offerings.  He may have had dementia, but he knew a LOT … [Read More...]

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