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Conceptual image of a triangular white traffic warning sign with the word - Aspartame

Aspartame – Could It Be A Hidden Danger (Part 2)

A few months back I started a series of articles on Aspartame, the artificial sweetener. The article was based on my personal experience and research. I understand that there are many out there who feel that this product is safe for consumption; in fact, it does have GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status with the FDA. This despite the fact that over 75% of ALL adverse reactions (to any substance) voluntarily reported to the FDA through proper measures (usually through licensed doctors and … [Read More...]

Caring for the Caregiver

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Losing Yourself In a Daisy

I don’t think anyone has written—or could ever write—a book entitled … [Read More...]

image of a human brain surfing on a surfbaord

Brain Health For Caregivers

    While you are caring for someone else, it’s important to … [Read More...]

The Eiffel Twoer

Little Escapes From Caregiving

Well here I am again—in Paris—settling into my luxury suite—on the Left … [Read More...]

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Leap Into Spring

It is spring! The calendar for the United States tells us that even if the … [Read More...]

senior woman with her caregiver

Make Self-Care Part of Your Caregiving Routine

Practicing What We Preach Growing up, I can remember my basketball coach … [Read More...]

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Caregiving Issues

Gincy, her husband and son on vaction

The Traveling Caregiver

This summer my family and I took a vacation. We were celebrating our son’s … [Read More...]

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Using The Ivy Lee Technique to Help Reduce Caregiver Overwhelm

There is a certain amount of stress in every caregiver's life, whether it … [Read More...]

Senior woman gets a kiss from her loving adult son

3 Ways to Be a Great Temporary Caregiver to a Back Surgery Patient

Discectomies, spinal fusions, herniated disk repairs and more....600,000 … [Read More...]

old letters, photographs and post cards.

Memory Triggers…

Every now and then, I’d have a few minutes to myself when my husband and … [Read More...]


Caregiving 2.0

My Mom, who is 90, arrives tomorrow to live with me. And so it begins … [Read More...]

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Money & Legal Issues

Word fraud in letters on background of dollar banknotes

How to Help Prevent Medicare Fraud

Unfortunately, we live in a world where some people prey on unsuspecting innocents. By providing fraudulent information, many elderly are being taken advantage of by unscrupulous people who would … [Read More...]

smiling male senior citizen

Recognizing Elderly Abuse

by Christian Wilson   When I was much younger, my father and my uncles were forced to put my grandfather into a nursing home. It wasn’t something that any of them wanted to do, but, due to … [Read More...]

Infographic describing current beliefs about Medicare Part D

Could Your Medicare Part D Costs Be Reduced? (infographic)

It's important to sign up for Medicare Part D when you enroll yourself or your loved one in Medicare.  But it's also important to compare the various Medicare Part D plans so that you can ascertain … [Read More...]

Care and Roses by Gareth Williams

National Disability Insurance Awareness Month and its Impact on Caregivers

National Disability Insurance Awareness Month and its Impact on Caregivers For people with a disability, one of the most important aspects of daily life is the chance to get out of the house. … [Read More...]


Over 65? Compelling Reasons Why You Need Medicare Part D

When my father came to live with me, I was very impressed with his knowledge or his desire for knowledge about Medicare and its corresponding offerings.  He may have had dementia, but he knew a LOT … [Read More...]

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